Nina Rantala


Nina Rantala works with expressions of structures and architecture. Rhythms and compositions of constructions can be found in her works. She is interested in questions of the perception of space and environment and what the relationship is between body and space, often perceived through unconscious bodily sensations. Central to her work is highlighting people’s relationship to their surroundings based on their role in her projects. She is interested in providing clues for people to gain awareness of their environment thus strengthening their own sense of identity in connection to Place.

Rantala graduated from the University of Art and Design Helsinki, writing her Master’s thesis on the Japanese concept of space. She is interested in architecture and its wider implications and definitions. Buildings for her are a totality of groups, living environments and spaces which affect people’s experiences. Environment is understood as a multi-layered net composed of personal and societal histories. Rantala is attracted to the emphasis placed on the Japanese concept of space on an individual’s experience.

Along with spatial interests, Rantala has been drawing on skin since 1999. Drawing on skin is intimate and physical. The surface of the skin is soft to draw on. The pen moves on the skin and transmits a soothing sensation to the person receiving the drawing. The surface of the skin moves in the rhythm of breathing. The situation has a sacral and silent touch. The drawing process involves sharing and trust. The skin is the outmost extension of the human body between a person and the universe. Through his/her skin a person becomes real to another. You can’t make a drawing closer to somebody than when drawing on to ones skin.

Rantala lives and works in Turku and in Helsinki, Finland.

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